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Topic Of The Week: The Dark Web

The Internet has a black market and it is called, the Dark Web.


Allow me to explain. You know how every city around the word has a seedy underbelly? Drug dealers, illegal brothels, assassins, corrupt politicians and that sort of thing. Well the Internet has that too and it is called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is a part of what is known as, the Deep Web, which is basically a part of the Internet that is not public or able to be found on search engines. Approximately 96 % of the Internet is classified as the Deep Web. Mind boggling considering the 4% we civilians encounter seemingly provides us with everything and anything (read this explainer by BrightPlanet about the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web and this explainer by The Conversation). On the Dark Web you can visit market places that sell guns, drugs, assassins for hire, Medicare details and more. You can access Dark Web websites that feature illegal content like child pornography (ergh) and you can communicate with people in relative secrecy. Just recently a British model was lured to Italy, kidnapped and put for sale on the Dark Web.

To access the Dark Web you need to download special software. The most popular software for this purpose is called Tor. Click here to read more about accessing the Dark Web.

In season 2 of House of Cards journalist Lucas Goodwin uses the Deep Web to find a computer hacker. See the scene below. Hopefully YouTube does not take this clip down anytime soon!

I have vaguely known about the Deep and Dark Web for years but only recently realised how big it was. I shocked by its enormity and the underhanded dealings that go on. Naïve on my part. To me the Dark Web is a reminder that our glossy exteriors, our somewhat safe everyday lives, are really just a thin veneer covering the sordidness of humanity. Too intense? Don’t blame me just look at this infographic by Deep Web Tech.


Dark Web Infographic by Deep Web Tech


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