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Topic Of The Week: Selling Nudes On Snapchat

As discussed in my last Topic Of The Week post about the Dark Web, you can sell anything on the Internet. From drugs to Russian brides, it is all available. Even though I knew this I was still surprised to discover there was a whole market for selling nude photographs and videos over the mobile app, Snapchat.

I came upon this tidbit of information via a conversation with a friend who knows someone that makes a quick buck this way. Now before I continue I’d like to say that while I was (naively) surprised that people sell nude photographs of themselves over Snapchat, I am in no way being judgmental. Each to their own, I say!

Once I learned about this “dark” Snapchat market I was immediately curious. How did the procedure work? What kinds of people were selling pictures? Were they already involved in the adult industry or was it something anyone could pick up as a side gig? And of course I was dying to know the cost of a photograph or video. I had questions and I needed answers dammit! Well answers I received my friends. I will include all I have learned below.

Let’s start at the beginning of this whole enterprise shall we? Nude pictures and videos are obviously not a new thing.

Before the Internet racy magazines and calendars, nude prints and pornography films sold for a pretty penny. There were also live forms of entertainment like striptease and sex shows and probably more that I am forgetting to mention or straight up just don’t know about. All these ventures evolved when the Internet came along. You could access nudes on adult sites online, make videos and share them on websites like RedTube (it’s YouTube but for pornography) and a whole market evolved around the webcam. Webcam models are people who earn money by performing live online via webcam and probably mobile technology now too. There’s actually a really funny Simpsons episode called Home Away From Homer (season 16 episode 20) where Ned Flanders rents a room out to two college students who then use the space to stage sexy webcam shows.

With all this knowledge it really should not have been surprising to me that nude pictures and racy videos are available for purchase on Snapchat. But alas, alack, it was. It really was! Thanks to some probing questions and online research (did you know there are YouTube tutorials that teach you how to sell nudes online?! Again I shouldn’t be shocked but I am, ha ha), I have discovered the basics.

Who sells nudes on Snapchat?

A chunk of the market consists of webcam models and other adult entertainers like strippers, porn stars and escorts. There are also individuals who aren’t strongly connected to the adult entertainment industry that sell nudes as a side gig. Think of university students who take up escorting to make a quick buck (if you didn’t know this was a thing click here and here for sensational examples).

How does it work?

Snapchat actually has an inbuilt payment feature called Snapcash. I had no idea this existed until I began researching this topic. You’ll find it in your Settings panel under Notifications. Google wallet, Paypal and other forms of online money transfer are also popular means of transaction.

The Sydney Journalist-Snapcash-Selling Nudes On Snapchat

Models can charge patrons per photo or charge them for subscriptions to what, in the adult industry, is called a premium Snapchat account. A premium Snapchat account is basically a private account where followers need to pay to gain entry. Subscription types can vary depending on the model. You can subscribe to an account for a week, a few months or even buy a lifetime subscription. I have no idea how models keep record of who has paid for what. If anyone knows holler at me!

Webcam models and other adult entertainers often advertise their Snapchat accounts on adult camming sites like Chaturbate (LOL) or adult sites like ExtraLunchMoney that link buyers to people who sell adult content (I suppose it’s like Ebay for nudes?). These sites usually have their own currency platform and so sometimes you can buy access to a model’s Snapchat account via this platform.

Under the radar freelancers don’t always use these websites. They advertise their Snapchats on other social media networks like Tinder and Instagram and build followings from there. In these cases access to premium accounts may be free but viewers will have to pay models to view extra content, engage in chat sessions and so on. One tactic is to post a few sexy screenshots from a video clip on a Snapchat story and then tell followers that they can view said video for a specified sum.

What kind of money are well talking?

Pricing structures vary. Nude pictures and videos can sell for as low as $3 a pop to as much as $50 (maybe even more?). Videos sell for a bit more ranging from around $5-$50 (again maybe even more). Prices increase depending on the content. It will be more expensive if a follower wants a private video for instance. Subscriptions to Snapchat accounts can range from $20 to $1000 plus! As you can see it can definitely be a lucrative venture.

In a controversial documentary called Premium (which is currently unavailable) by fellow Australian Jesse Willessee, it is attested that Snapchat model Hannah Weiiss (Willessee’s girlfriend) makes approximately $2600 a month selling seductive pictures…not bad for a side gig.

So there you have it friends. Now you know the basics of selling nudes on Snapchat. Now tell me, did you know about this or were you as naïve as I was? Connect with me on the socials and le me know! If you have more info on this topic please feel free to get in touch also!

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