Listen To Podcasts Already!

Do you listen to podcasts?

If I wrote this post a week ago I wouldn’t have asked this question. A week ago I thought everyone listened to podcasts, or at least knew what they were. I was therefore baffled to discover a good chunk of my friends did not know what podcasts were, or even how to listen to them. I am talking Gen Y and Z here! No judgement of course, but this revelation made it clear that a post like this wouldn’t be redundant.

So if you are a seasoned podcast listener skip this post and read about 5 Creepily Entertaining True Crime Podcasts.

If you are new to podcasts, have an inquisitive mind, love learning new things and being entertained on the regular, then stick around. Podcasts are free and some of them are truly epic. From hunting murderers to reading out pornography written by one’s parent, some crazy shit goes down in podcast land and you’ll be glad to have learnt about it.

First. What is a podcast? Basically it’s an audio file that can be downloaded or streamed from the Internet. Most people access podcasts from apps on their phone. iPhones come preloaded with the Apple store’s podcast app. Click here to learn more about what a podcast actually is.

While podcasts have strong links to radio, they also have very close ties to television and YouTube. Like TV shows, podcasts are episodic. They are delivered in series that are broken up into individual episodes. As with TV, podcasts cover a huge scope of territory. Fictional drama, historical documentaries, sports analysis, interviews, comedic standup—podcasts have it all. This is where YouTube comes in. You know how anyone can upload a video to YouTube? Anyone can create and share a podcast and add it to Apple’s App Store and other podcast aggregators. So as with YouTube, podcast land offers a wonderful mix of homegrown content, classic options (shows delivered by media organisations and seasoned radio presenters) and everything in-between.

I like to think of the Apple’s podcast app, which is by far the most influential podcast aggregator to date, as Netflix for audio shows. Everything is in one place, easy to access and broken up into categories. There’s a homepage that displays the latest offerings, a rating system and you can access your own list of podcasts easily. Seriously navigating the app is super easy. If you have an iPhone, geetttt on itttttt!

Second. Why would podcasts be of interest to you? There is WEALTH of information available in Podcast Land. And a shiteload of entertainment. My favourite podcasts combine both. I firmly believe there is a podcast out there for everyone.

A student studying, say… nutrition? There are so many amazing podcasts about health and science that discuss the latest research with leading experts. Wouldn’t it be fun to do preliminary research for an assignment by LISTENING to an audio show? You can learn and rearrange the sock draw at the same time. Mayne if that’s not living I don’t know what is. HAHA.

A small business owner interested in increasing revenue and learning from likeminded people? Yep, podcasts for that.

A closet knitter who feels disconnected from their yarn-loving brethren? PODCAST FOR THAT.

I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

When discussing this topic with my newbie friends, they all had similar questions which I will answer here for your convenience.

Price? Podcasts are, as mentioned, free. You can choose to support certain podcast series by joining membership clubs or contributing to crowdfunding campaigns but for all intents and purposes, episodes are free.

Length? Episodes vary in length depending on the series. Some podcast episodes can be three hours, others 5 minutes. Depends on the show.

Download or stream? You can download or stream podcasts.

Data usage?  Data usage varies depending on how long the podcast episode is and whether you are downloading or streaming.

Phone battery?  In my experience podcasts will deplete your phone battery more rapidly, but not anymore so than an app like Snapchat.

What should I listen to? Click here to read Top 4 Podcasts For Newbies and here for 5 Scarily Entertaining Crime Podcasts.

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