Kayla Itsines 12 Week BBG Diary Week 5: Take One

This is one of a series of posts that are part of my Kayla Itsines 12 Week BBG Diary. Click here to read my first post, Kayla Itsines 12 Week BBG Diary Weeks 1 & 2: An Unconventional Start. I am completing the Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Guide (known online as BBG 1) and blogging about my experience and other related stuff along the way. I’ve been following the community for ages and have completed exercises from the guide before but never finished an entire 12 weeks. Hoping to get to know fellow BBGers and have a laugh along the way. If you are so inclined, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (username: sydjournalist) for updates 😀

I cannot believe I am writing this. I am going to complete Week 5 of the BBG guide……AGAIN.

Why?! You ask, aghast….OK I am sure you are not aghast, mildly curious I hope.

If you read my Week 4 recap then you know I didn’t complete my circuits until late last week. As a result, I started this week off late too. I completed a 25-minute Fitness Blender HIIT session (I’ll include below) on Monday and did not do any exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday, they were two long and strenuous days and I allowed myself to rest.

On Thursday I completed a LISS session and Week 5 Legs & Cardio. On Friday I did another LISS session and on Saturday (my time of writing) I completed my third LISS session and Week 5 Arms & Abs. The way I see it is, I can start my Kayla weeks on Thurdays OR I can take a rehabilitation day on Sunday and start fresh on Monday, resetting my timeline. I have decided on the latter and rather than miss a circuit, (Week 5 full body), I will complete Week 5 again.

Another reason for this is that the exercises are getting harder and I’d like another week to get my routine in place. It’s been about 5 weeks and I have not yet actually followed the workouts as they are laid out in the guide! It is not essential of course, but my personal challenge for Week 5: Take Two is to follow the workout structure set out in the guide, and to begin the next leg of my Kayla journey with a stronger starting ground.

My second challenge/goal for Week 5: Take Two is to eat two healthy, veggie-laden meals. I have been wanting to incorporate more veggies into my meals for ages but as Dr Ally so aptly stated in my interview with her: a goal without a plan is just a wish. I will start small—two veg-tastic meals is achievable—and go from there.

Sooo how did the two circuits I did complete go?

As planned, I made modifications. 

Legs & Cardio

I completed burpees without jumping (place your arms down to the ground, step your legs out into plank position, lower chest to ground and raise yourself up again, step legs back in to a crouching position and stand up).

Instead of lunge jumps I did static lunges with 5kg dumbbells and while I did do a few sets of jumping sumo squats, for the most part I did regular sumo squats.

Arms & Abs

Instead of proper decline push ups which I just straight up, COULD NOT DO, I did mini decline push ups on my knees using an aerobics step (same step used for reverse lunges with knee lifts). Straight leg raises with a hip lift also slowly became bent leg raises with a hip lift.

In both rounds of Circuit 2, I managed about five raised tricep dips before I had to modify by placing my feet on the ground.

Overall, I found the Week 5 circuits to be very tough BUT that doesn’t mean I did not find them fun and enjoy myself. I am looking forward to tackling the circuits again. I am also looking forward to posting more interviews with awesome members of the BBG community. I have a few ready to go….Watch. This. Space.

The HIIT session I completed on Monday 

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