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I Tried Watching A Scary Movie At The Cinema Alone And I Loved It

Comfort zones are boring (apparently) and so I decided it was time to change the game, do something new, live on the very edge…..I resolved to watch a movie at the cinema….alone. Solo. On my lonesome. Just me, myself and my snacks. Not just any movie either, oh no. If I was going to live on the edge it had to be a thriller.

This is how I found myself alone in a cinema on a Tuesday afternoon ready to watch 47 Meters Down. How did I become the girl who watches Mandy Moore movies in public and alone? Perhaps that is for another, lengthier, blog post. Back to the story at hand. There I am. Tuna sushi in my right hand, soy mocha in my left, poised and ready for my cut-throat-life-on-the-edge experience. A movie about the deep blue sea and vicious sharks, BRING IT ON. The lights go dark and movie trailers start to play. I look around and there is only one other person in the cinema with me. A tall, thin bald man with flesh as white as snow. Suddenly I feel vulnerable. Here I am sitting in super dark room with a strange man sitting behind me. He could creep up on me at any moment, hold a gun to my head and drag me out of the emergency exit. I have listened to a lot of Casefile. Serial killers can be opportunistic. In response to my dramatic, mocha-fuelled thoughts I move down a few seats in my aisle. This way I can easily see if someone (read: the lone white male) comes toward me. Now to be fair, there was actually nothing wrong with this man. He was just doing what I was doing, settling in to watch a Mandy Moore flick about killer sharks. I have dramatic tendencies. Plus it never hurts for us ladies to be a little cautious. Right? RIGHT?

Hannibal Lecter, the sydney journalist Sharks? I like sharks 

Onto a more pertinent point, soy mochas and sharks DO NOT MIX. I was so jittery I jumped out of my seat every time a shark propelled itself toward a character from murky depths (so every three minutes). Suspenseful scenes had me gripping my seat. I am pretty sure I even gasped out loud a few times. OK…I am very sure I gasped aloud. No need to imagine what my unwitting solo-film-watching cinema buddy thought of me. Perhaps there is another blog out there on the Interwebs about watching 47 Meters Down solo where I also feature prominently….“Mandy Moore’s character lit a flare and the ocean was shown to be filled with sharks. The excitable woman in front of me gasped loudly and clutched her chest. Who was she and why was she left alone?”. Ha ha.

47-meters-down-review-sydney-journalistGet back shark. Back I tell you. 

Regardless of my mocha-fuelled jitters (and the potential serial killer) I really enjoyed myself. Watching a movie alone is fun! Did I mention that I made friends with the lovely lady who sold me my ticket? I was a little nervous about buying a ticket for one—a silly fear in retrospect—and so started babbling about the first thing I saw, a promotional flyer for the film Victoria & Abdul. Next thing you know the attendant and I are having an in-depth chat about the royals and BBC documentaries. Seriously it was a joyous conversation and I discovered Judy Dench has played Queen Victoria before in the 1997 film, Mrs Brown. Adding that one to my To Watch list.

This was definitely the first of many solo movie experiences. I left the cinema feeling empowered. I could watch a play by myself next, or even go to a concert. Perhaps I would just continue pushing the boundaries of my current social experiment and purposely go to a movie session that I know will be more populated. Would I like it as much with more people present? Who knows? What I do know is if I do any of the above I will keep you all posted.

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