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Meet Sydney a.k.a @syd.sweatlife.

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A cosmetologist from Utah, Sydney has had great success with the BBG program and I must say her backstory is particularly inspiring to me right now given my recent BBG experiences. Sydney did not knock 12 weeks of BBG out of the park upon her first attempt. Or her second attempt, or her third attempt.

“In 2014 I had a friend that was doing BBG and wanted me to try it with her. It was before my wedding so I thought I would give it a try. Long story short, I felt so discouraged, I talked myself out of it”, said Sydney.

Sydney gave BBG another crack in June 2015. For a little more than a year (between June 2015 and September 2016) Sydney started and stopped the program multiple times.

“I would find myself anywhere between weeks 6-10 and life would happen. I would either get sick, go on vacation, miss a workout—pretty much anything that would disrupt my regular schedule. I would convince myself I had to start over”, said Sydney.

In September 2016 Sydney started the program again and this time saw it through! The results speak for themselves.

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Sydney has now completed two rounds of BBG 1 and is on Week 15 of BBG 2. Sydney’s story really drives home that when it comes to fitness, perseverance and consistency are key. Despite previous set backs Sydney did not give up on her fitness goals. She kept going until she eventually finished an entire round (rounds to be accurate) of BBG. Basically the moral of the story is: if at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again.


Sydney’s key tip for BBG newbies: take your fitness journey one day at a time.

“ Whenever people ask me for advice, I always tell them to take their fitness journey ONE DAY AT A TIME. Otherwise it becomes extremely overwhelming to think about 1 month, 6 months or even a year from now. Focus on making better healthier choices one day at a time. Everybody starts somewhere. Find your start, and figure out how to walk forward” said Sydney.

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Read the rest of my interview with Sydney below. As with other BBG Girl interviews I have highlighted parts in bold I find to be particularly useful.

1.  What motivated you to start the BBG program and what was your first workout like?

I was extremely motivated to start BBG from seeing all of the progress pictures on Kayla’s Instagram page! I would find myself looking at all of the before and afters and thinking there is no way working out only 28 minutes a day, 3 times a week (plus cardio) could bring those results! That’s when I decided to start the program. I’ll be honest, my first workout was hell. Looking at the workout I thought it would be pretty easy. It was NOT! I felt SO out of shape and so discouraged that I barely made it through the first workout. The first workout was death! 

Chiming in to say I know that #deathbykayla feeling very well. I even created this meme after a particularly tough workout to reflect my feelings on the matter. 

Death By Kayla, Meme By The Sydney Journalist


2. What does your weekly workout schedule look like? What times of day do you train etc?

My weekly workout routine usually goes something like this. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I complete a 28-minute resistance training workout (BBG workout). Tuesday and Thursday I complete 35-45 minutes of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio and 10-15 minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training. Saturdays are usually another cardio day or hiking. Sundays are rest days 🙂 I go through phases where I get up at 6am and complete a cardio workout in the morning. Otherwise I prefer completing resistance training sessions after work, anywhere between 3pm and 9pm.

3. What is your diet like? Any favourite meals you eat regularly?

I personally don’t follow a specific diet. For the most part I try to eat pretty clean. Sticking to mainly lean proteins, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and lots of vegetables. Of course like anyone else I enjoy the occasional cheat meal or tasty treat! Chicken and veggies tend to be my go to. As well as, squash and zucchini noodles with a homemade sauce. Nothing too fancy.

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4. Where do you mainly workout: home, gym, outdoors?

I do all my resistance training at home in my living room. For cardio I like to go outside, but if that’s not an option I go to the gym and use the treadmill.

5. What do you do when you find yourself in an exercise slump or not so motivated to workout?

Finding yourself in a funk happens to us all. Of course there are times when working out is the last thing you want to do. I have found that buying new activewear and putting on my workout clothes even if I don’t plan on working out for a couple hours works since that way it’s on my mind. Sometimes it just takes forcing yourself to do it and get it over with to push you out of a slump. Find what works for you and make it happen!

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6. How long did it take before you started to make noticeable progress? What advice do you have for newbs who become frustrated over lack of progress?

I believe it took me about 6-8 weeks to start noticing physical progress. Even then it was very slight. I usually only noticed it by putting progress pictures side by side. I always tried to remind myself that progress takes time. One healthy meal and one workout isn’t going to change everything. Progress is made up of the choices we make everyday. By choosing to complete a workout and fuel our body with healthy foods, we will see our bodies change!

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7. What’s your self-talk like during difficult parts of a workout? Do you have any favourite mottos or catch phrases that you repeat to yourself?

Often it is as simple as telling myself, “You CAN do this!” Sometimes I will listen to a motivational pep talk while I warm up to get myself pumped. We did this at one of the BBG meet ups with Kelsey Wells (@mysweatlife) and I have loved it ever since! It really helps to get you pumped up and empowers you to give it your all.

8. Do you ever modify the workouts by doing things like swapping out exercises or taking longer breaks between circuits? 

ABSOLUTELY! I still do. Sometimes I can’t make it through my whole workout doing regular push-ups and drop to my knees. Sometimes my supposed one minute break turns into two or three. There are days I can power through and get everything done taking minimal breaks and other days that sometimes the extra minute or two helps me make it through my workout. 


9. What are some struggles (if any) you have had with health and fitness in the past or present, how did you over come them?

My biggest struggle has always been food. I am a total snacker and sometimes it can get out of hand! In the past if I slipped up with my eating I would give up entirely and tell myself I would start again Monday. Through my journey I have learned to find balance between health and fitness and life. Some days you need ice cream or a big juicy burger. I have just learned to not let it completely derail my progress.

10. If you could give yourself from say, 5 years ago, one piece of advice, what would it be (feel free to also tell us what your life was like 5 years ago, ha ha)?

If I could go back to the me 5 years ago I would want to wrap myself in a big hug and tell myself how much I was worth and how beautiful I was. 5 years ago I was not in a great place. I was feeling uncomfortable in my own body, always tried to hide underneath baggy clothes and felt helpless for change. Beauty and self worth are not determined by looks. You are worth sooo much more than that! 


11. Do you have any fitness inspirations? Celebrities, friends, IGers that you look up to?

This is why I love Instagram! It is so motivating and inspiring to follow women who are on the same journey in bettering themselves and taking care of their bodies. Some of my absolute favorites are @mysweatlife @namaste_active @fitnesscarli @psychandsquats @courtneysfitlife @suitablysophie @whitneyysimmons and the list could go on and on!

12. What do you do for work? What is a non-fitness related hobby that you have?

I am a Cosmetologist. I work in a salon providing hair, skin and nail services and love helping people feel beautiful. One of my favourite hobbies is exploring outside and anything to do with family!


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