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Fit Girl Interview: Morgan a.k.a Fit In The 6

Morgan a.k.a @fitinthe6 (also see Morgan’s blog is my spirit animal. Don’t ask me how that would work logistically because I do not know. I just know what is true in my heart…. HA HA seriously though, some of Morgan’s answers to my questions about her BBG experience sounded like I could have written them myself.

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When I asked Morgan what her self talk was like during difficult parts of a workout she said,

“My self talk is embarrassing! I can be pretty competitive with myself so there’s a lot of “COME ON MORGAN! JUST DO IT!”. During difficult moments I’ll try to aim for half the reps in one go then intervals of 5 or 10 to finish (so if you have to do 30 X-hops I would try to do 15 without stopping, then 10 more in a row, then 5 in a row)”.

I always break up difficult exercises into smaller sets of reps. If a circuit requires 15 broad jump burpees and I am gassed, I will break them up into sets of five. So that’s five burpees, rest and repeat. Morgan also isn’t afraid to swap out exercises, even in the middle of a circuit, which is something I also do (I even created this handy chart to make swapping exercises easier). Morgan explains,

“Sometimes if I’m near the end of the circuit and I just can’t bring myself to do that one exercise again I will switch it out for another one in the circuit, at that point I figure as long as I keep moving I am golden!”.

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Yup my philosophy exactly. It was really great learning someone else tackles workouts this way, especially someone inspiring like Morgan. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be a perfectionist (follow the plan to the dot) to get amazing results. As Dr Ally a.k.a @healthybyfifty said in my first BBG Girl interview, “I think it’s important to realise this is your workout and the BBG is a guide only”.

In fact, Morgan modifies every single BBG workout to make it core friendly. After having two babies 16 months apart, Morgan’s core was significantly weakened and it was thought she had Diastasis Recti. While this was not the case, Morgan’s core was still weak and thus she has modified every BBG workout and shared her modifications to help those with similar issues. Check out Morgan’s IG for awesome videos that showcase what modifications she has made.

Read the rest of our interview below. I think all BBGers will find Morgan’s advice useful, especially woman who are looking to regain strength and a better sense of themselves after pregnancy. As I have with all my other BBG Girl interviews, parts I find to be particularly useful have been highlighted in bold.

1. When did you start the BBG program and how many rounds have you completed? What type of fitness activities did you engage in pre BBG?

I started BBG in May 2016, I have completed 5 rounds of BBG and have almost completed my sixth round. Before BBG I had grown up as a dancer, was a cardio bunny in uni, and I trained for and ran a half marathon after finishing university.


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2. What motivated you to start the BBG program and what was your first workout like?

I was motivated to start BBG because I had two babies back to back (16 months apart). I felt foreign in my own skin and wanted to do something *just for me*. I had completed 12 weeks of BBG in between pregnancies (not counted in the 5 round tally I mentioned above)

My first workout was AWFUL. I couldn’t do half the movements (this was before pre-training existed). I could do two push-ups in a row, and only 3 burpees without having to stop for a break. It was rough!

A note to anyone unfamiliar with the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, the guide includes 12 weeks of workouts as well as four weeks of Pre-Training workouts that beginners can use to ease into the program. 


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3. What does your weekly workout schedule look like? What times of day do you train etc?

Every week is a little different since I have to be flexible and cater to my kids schedules as well as my husband’s. He is completing a medical residency and works 90- hour weeks. For a long stretch I was waking at 5:20am and going to the gym before the kids woke up, but after about six months of that I began to burn out. So now I typically workout mid morning while my kids play, read books or join in with me and jump all over me, haha! I typically do three resistance workouts a week (legs, arms, abs), and 1-2 HIIT workouts. I don’t even really think about LISS since I live downtown in a city and walk everywhere with my kids.


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4. What is your diet like? Any favourite meals you eat regularly?

My diet is all over the place! I eat mostly clean since I really do enjoy eating well rounded healthy meals. But I do act as a human garbage disposal when it comes to my kids leftovers. I also have a killer sweet tooth, love to bake, and love candy. I treat myself everyday. Favourite meals we eat regularly are: tacos, pulled pork, roasted chicken thighs, and mac and cheese!

OMG Morgan, can I move in?! Ha ha.


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5. Where do you mainly workout at home, in the gym or outdoors?

It’s a mix between home and the gym! Lately I have fallen back into the habit of working out at home, which I love. But I like to mix it up by doing HIIT at the gym since I can use machines etc that I don’t have at home!  

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6. What advice do you have for BBG newbies?

Give yourself loads of grace but don’t take your excuses!  Listen to yourself, if you need a break then take it! But also test yourself to see whether you are being lazy or whether you are being smart about your health. Motivation will only take you so far, then discipline kicks in. 

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7. What do you do when you find yourself in an exercise slump or not so motivated to workout?

It’s funny you ask this because I am currently in an exercise slump and totally unmotivated to workout! Probably something to do with summertime, loads of treats, and the rosé we seem to always have in the fridge! Honestly, accountability is the number one solution to this. Find friends to send sweaty selfies to or make a fitness account. Find a way to make it fun again! And then sometimes you just have to suck it up and get it done whether you feel like it or not!

8. How long did it take before you started to make noticeable progress? What advice do you have for newbs who become frustrated over lack of progress?

I saw noticeable progress by 12 weeks but it wasn’t until 24 weeks that I was really feeling like “hey, check out this new muscle!” etc. As far as advice goes, I would just say to be patient with yourself! Just work on completing the moves well (low and slow!) and perfecting your technique, the results will come. I also find that diet is a huge part of it! Try checking your daily fat intake is. Most people are way over what they need to be (fat is so good for you, but only a certain amount!)

9. Do you ever modify the workouts by doing things like swapping out exercises or taking longer breaks between circuits?

I actually modify BBG completely. I have a slight separation in my abs from having kids and so I have modified BBG to be core and ab separation (or Diastasis Recti) friendly! (I use the hashtag #bbgmodifiedabs to share my modifications). And sometimes if I’m near the end of the circuit and I just can’t bring myself to do that one exercise again I will switch it out for another one in the circuit, at that point I figure as long as I keep moving I am golden! When I started out I took longer breaks between circuits. I eventually hit the point in BBG where I can complete 14 minute circuits and I really love that, so now I do 14 minute circuits all the time.

Veronica a.k.a @fitleea another super inspiring BBG girl I interviewed also completes 14 minute circuits, OMG. Goals. Also don’t forget I made this chart to help make exercise swaps easier!

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10. What are some struggles (if any) you have had with health and fitness in the past or present, how did you over come them?

As I mentioned above I have a slight separation in my abs since having kids. I thought it was Diastasis Recti (DR) but my doctor confirmed that my fascia is still intact so it isn’t DR. But I modify for core-friendly exercises either way to avoid injuring my core. I currently have an impingement in my shoulders, which caused me to take a month off arm workouts. I had to let them rest. It can be really discouraging to get injured or have struggles to overcome, but it is a pretty amazing feeling to look that struggle head on and tackle it.

11. If you could give yourself from say, 5 years ago, one piece of advice, what would it be (feel free to also tell us what your life was like 5 years ago, ha ha)?

Five years ago I was a newlywed living in Montreal, where they speak French, and trying to figure out my life. I gained the marriage 10 (10 pounds) as I like to call it and had a hard time finding my niche. I think that the best advice I could give my former self would be to patient with myself, that there’s still a lot of life ahead of me and to not be afraid to take risks. There are huge rewards for taking risks.

12. Do you have any fitness inspirations? Celebrities, friends, IGers that you look up to?

Fitness inspos! Basically any mom who musters up the energy to workout is my inspiration. And @Katiecrewe – she is SO strong and total goals and grows her following with her strength and power not her booty haha.

13. And finally, how did your Lipsense lipstick venture come about? What should we know about this product?

Funny enough my Lipsense lipstick venture came about through having a fitness Instagram! My friend Whit introduced me to the product and I was totally blown away! I love to wear bright and bold colours when I workout since I find it totally gives me that extra OOMPH to kick butt. This lipstick is literally life proof (sweat proof, kiss proof, waterproof, baby proof). You name it. I have worn lipstick for 12 years and have never found a lipstick where I can literally rub my bright red lips on a white shirt and the lipstick doesn’t transfer and stain. You can check out more about that at @lipsinthe6 or

You can keep in touch with Morgan on her Instagram page @fitinthe6 and her blog momointhe6,com.

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Images: All images courtesy of @fitinthe6.

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