5 Creepily Entertaining True Crime Podcasts

I have an addiction to true crime podcasts. It actually freaks me out a little. I mean, for my entertainment I like to listen to stories of murder, kidnapping and even cannibalism (see Casefile Episode 12 Katherine Knight)! I know I am not alone in this grim fascination. The true crime genre has always been ridiculously popular, the crime genre in general actually. Look at Law & Order  SVU for instance, it’s in its 18th season! Wowzers.

Here is a list of 5 true crime podcasts that I have really enjoyed. If you, like my humble self, have a sick fascination with true crime and haven’t heard any of the listed series then I strongly advise you add them to your listen list.

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1. Serial

Did Adnan really kill Hae Min Lee? Or was it someone else…

It’s almost ridiculous to add Serial to this list because anyone who listens to podcasts and is interested in true crime will have listened to Serial. In fact, Serial is probably the series that awakened your very yearning for audio show about crime and corruption. As I’ve mentioned before the name Serial is basically synonymous with podcast. If you are new to podcasting and the true crime genre, stop reading this article and listen to this series immediately. Worth mentioning Serial now has two seasons available. I think both seasons are fabulous but season 1 is what I am referring to here.

2. Casefile

Warning some crimes are so creepy you’ll wish they were fiction

An Australian made podcast, I started listening to Casefile when it was very new. 53 episodes later and I am still a fan. Created by an independent team, Casefile looks at a new true crime case every episode. Historical as well as more recent crimes from all over the world are investigated. I’ve learned about a lot of famous cases from this podcast, I have no idea how they escaped my notice beforehand, but they did. I started telling my friends about the murder of Peter Falconio the other day and they laughed at me.

Hello?! Everyone knows about that case.

Err well I didn’t… Thanks Casefile. Now I know to be extra cautious when travelling down isolated desert roads.

Which will be never. Thanks again guys.

3. Bowraville

25 years and a killer apparently in plain sight and yet no one has been charged for the murder of these three children….

Another Australian show,  Bowraville is a podcast series presented by crime reporter Dan Box from The Australian newspaper. The series is about the murder of three children in the Australian town of Bowraville. Twenty five years have passed since the murders and the prime suspect was never convicted. Why?

Dan investigates the crime, the legalities involved in the attempted conviction of the prime suspect and as a result brings to light the racial tensions in this small Australian town (and many others I am sure)  between white and indigenous communities. It’s a great listen and Dan handles some weighty subject matter with epic levels of calm and courage. Go Dan!

4. Up and Vanished

Beauty queens don’t just disappear, so what happened to Tara Grinstead?

Documentary maker Payne Lindsey investigates the disappearance of Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher Tara Grinstead. The case has been cold for 11 years but Payne, an amateur investigator, jumps right into the case and starts looking for answers. Payne successfully reignited interest in this case on a community and bureaucratic level. Arrests have actually been made!

I won’t go into details as it’s worth finding out yourself. I will say that I find it fascinating that podcasts are delivering measurable outcomes. What does it mean when a layman decides to open a cold case and makes progress? Never fear I plan on looking into this further. Back to the point,  Up and Vanished definitely deserves a listen.

5. Missing Richard Simmons 

Where’s Richard yo?

This isn’t exactly a crime podcast. It does follow the investigative style of crime podcasts like Serial, Borwaville and  Up and Vanished (which were inspired by Serial btw), which is why I added it to this list.

Richard Simmons is a famous fitness mogul (although I had never heard of him before this podcast, heh). Until recently he still taught classes at his gym in LA, had a thriving group of friends and acquaintances, and was a regular on the talk show circuit. He was known as being a very accessible celebrity. Then one day he just withdrew from the public, cut off contact with almost all his friends and didn’t provide any explanations.

Where are you Richard? Why you leave me? Dan Taberski investigates.

I found this series highly entertaining but I find it worth mentioning that by the end of it there was a voice in my head wailing “ LEAVE RICHARD ALONEEEEEEE”. So while this isn’t a true crime podcast, it is definitely creepily entertaining. Creepy as in, I can’t believe your potential angst was a source of entertainment to me Richard. Hope you are doing OK mate.

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